Creatively bringing people together to make a change.
Our mission is to bring businesses, communities, organizations and individuals together to create a more sustainable network to support humanitarian causes and initiate a message of kindness and giving back to humanity and our communities.  We strive to be proactive and focus on how to maximize the funds donated to our organization to stretch as far as it can take us through creative planning and strategic uses.  We are not limited to one project but will collaborate with existing projects to achieve our goals.

Our organization is very new so please help us grow, be involved in our direction and let's make changes in the world together. PHK Network is open to public participation so you can see exactly what we are working on, join in on meetings and be assured that your funds are working hard for great causes.  All of our members are passionate volunteers and put in their own time and money to help with development costs until we become a sustainable organization.


The Chalk Walk
We bring people into communities that need a boost, providing attention and business to small business owners, work with community organizations to raise funds for kids struggling with education and provide access necessary education tools such as school supplies.  We create employment opportunities for local artists and inspire young artists, giving grants to these artists and helping them gain publicity while guiding them into a sustainable career path for their passions and talents.  We also invite and highlight local musicians in efforts to promote their work.

Charity of the Month
PHKNetwork picks one charitable organization to volunteer with and help with their projects.

Office Space for Equity
We understand that there is a gap for women and people of color in the workplace so we are providing affordable professional office spaces for emerging entrepreneurs in this group to help jumpstart their careers.
Chef's Superhero Alliance
We bring amazing chefs who want to give back to the communities together in a fun event to raise funds for various causes. Checkout our current event, Sushi Revolution. Tickets are currently on presale.

Board Member & Credits

Nona Chan - Think Tank

Madeline Karita - Media/Marketing Guru

Irene Wessee - Magical Photographer

Nona is the mastermind behind the crazy ideas and how to strategically make a bigger impact with our limited resources.  She is passionate about improving humanity. Idea bank, think tank, core team member. AKA President/Founder of PHKN
This superwoman powerhouse does it all, film, the arts, media, marketing, human trafficking advocate.  Madeline runs our journalism, film projects and artist outreach. AKA Director of Marketing, Media and Human Trafficking Program
Irene can transform a soda can into a unicorn with her lense.  She is PHKN's photojournalist and captures all of our events and provides photography for our media.  This hero also provides beautiful photography services for homeless families to empower and encourage them that there is hope for a beautiful life.

Bryant Lippert - That Tech Guy

Raven Miller - Fancy Film Director

Rina Smrkovski - The Enforcer

Bryant brings the group into modern times and tells us it's ok to use computers and social media and he will make us look cooler and more tech saavy by implementing how we use our technology to communicate.  He'll make this website so much better.  Passionate about all things humanitarian.
AKA Web/Technology Director
Raven films all of PHKN's video productions.  Don't even try to hide from this guy, he's already there.  Raven films everything from our journalism to talk shows and documentaries. AKA Film Director
Rina keeps us in line and cracks the whip on compliance.  She is passionate about international affairs and animal rights.  Her dedication to philanthropy and humanitarian causes is inspiring and teaches us all to be better humans.  Rina is the Co-Founder and Corporate Secretary for PHKN. Rina is currently on break.
Other members:

Kit Shelton, Ben Curry, Leslie Khamvongsa, Adam Dormansen, Ying Piyaporn, Sandra Haung, Dean Soloman, Carolyn Marty


Jeramie Neth, Leslie Khamvongsa, Kit Shelton, William Polacheck


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